A Taste of Flinders

On Flinders we are about raw, pure, untouched basics: the way food was grown before mass production and chemical interference. We grow and farm the world’s finest beef, lamb, garlic, honey, fruit, vegetables and seafood. We are a no fuss community of passionate farmers, growers and producers.

Providore Shop

Yes, we are about the finest, purest produce in the world, but we aren’t fancy. If the fancy restaurants want to buy our produce and serve it on fancy plates with fancy cutlery that’s fine. Our Providore Shop retails the local products from this humble island, many of which you can only buy here. We also stock some inspiring Tasmanian products, showing off what the wider region can produce.

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Island Events

If you have a special event in mind we would love to chat with you about it. Experience the local culinary offerings, boutique Tasmanian liquor, personal barista, styling, presented in a memorable island landscape so you just have to turn up and enjoy the day!

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